Transport organization

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Organisation de transportThe organization of transport is the outsourcing or the coverage, by Mauffrey Group, of your transport service. This way of functioning allows you to benefit of our sector experience inside your organization. Flexibility, costs reduction, routes optimization, streams security.

The optimal solution

Our teams of engineers study your project to bring you answers adapted to your requirements and to those of your customers. Every context being different, we work out processes which aim at optimizing costs and services but also at guaranteeing the security of goods and persons.

Implementation of TMS: software packages specialized in streams organization

Every unit benefits from a successful IT solution: the TMS (Transport Management System) which brings a precise and rigorous streams planning. Real time information feedbacks allow us to inform about physical and computing movements. All the data is centralized on our collaborative website and allows the division to share informations between chargers, suppliers, carriers and transport organizers.

Streams security

Our fleet of more than 1200 vehicles assures you security transport. The control of the means allows us to answer with ability to react and to accompany you effectively in your evolutions.

Dedicated unit

According to needs, a dedicated unit can be organized. It consists of transport professionals trained specially for your activity. The unit can work directly on your place of production and bring thanks to its nearness a more effective management of your streams. To position in your sides it is also the security of involvement and continuous improvements in your processes.